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Arillios - a small blue planet that sat dead centre in the Miradvia System, a planet that for centuries had been feared by even the most powerful of star systems. Arillios had been the home for the Cadinollium - a race of super-human warriors whose goal of galactic domination was halted by a totally unexpected reason - that of humanity.

When the Cadinollium actually saw the devastation they had caused through the Galaxy and the many threats of retribution they had received, they set their genetic birth tanks to produce a clear, pure race, and they then locked themselves in the bowels of Arillios and terminated their life support systems.The tanks had been pre-set to operate ten years after the last Cadinollium had died, and robo-servants were programmed to maintain all the buildings on the world, so that when the new race of Arillios were "re-born", it would be a new Genesis, a brand new start, with no knowledge of the past.-genocide as one of the great heroism, and decided to hold a year of celebration on the Centenary of the Cadinollium mass suicide.

The Arillions ( for this is what the second wave generation called themselves ) set up large Lance Laser Projectors (LLP) and using a large burst of energy, beamed images of the leaders of the Cadinollium into the four dark moons that circled the planet.

Now, this was alright and everyone marvelled at the spectacle and had a great time, but this caused two unforeseen problems. One was the appearance of a large mound in the middle of one of the building complexes, the other was the appearance of a blue Police Box.


Mayhem was the only word that could suitably describe the Doctor’s predicament at the present moment. One minute the TARDIS had been quite happily journeying through time and space, everything was normal - Mel was deep in the depths of the TARDIS trying to re-juvenate some ancient fitness equipment she had found to full working order, and the Doctor was snatching forty winks in a large cane chair that he had moved into the console room and then - WHAM! The TARDIS had hit something very powerful, which blew its main drives and was plummeting out of control.

A scream that accompanied the unexpected starfall gradually rose in pitch, and Mel, who had virtually crawled to the console room fell backwards, hands on ears, scream on lips. The Doctor was faring little better. Haven been brutally woken, and then forcibly pushed from his chair, he was now clinging on to the console for dear life as smoke and sparks burst from the console and rose in grey and yellow pillars to the ceiling.

Blindly stabbing at controls, his eyes seared by the acrid fumes, the Doctor hit a large yellow control, and the TARDIS levelled out to its normal upright position, throwing the Time Lord to the floor. But still the TARDIS fell like a stone in a lake, the main drives blown, its power fading fast, the Doctor staggered to his feet and made his way to Mel, who was lying unconscious, a pool of blood dripping onto the floor from a head wound. Wrapping his arms around, the Doctor had just started muttering a Gallifreyan prayer, when they hit Arillios.


The Doctor’s eyes flickered open, glanced left then right and then upwards. The blackened TARDIS ceiling stared back.

‘Good grief, what a mess…’ he muttered when he saw the ruined console, melted metal and plastic hanging like blackened stalactites from the underside of the console. Shaking his head to assemble his thoughts into some logical order, he turned his attentions to Mel, who was starting to stir, congealed blood in a long jagged stream down her face.

‘What happened, Doctor?’ she asked faintly.‘Sshh, keep quiet, I’m just going to get the medi-kit.’ He replied, before he vanished past her into one of the many doors. He emerged with the box, and washed and covered the wound. ‘There, as good as new,’ he said and grinned.

'Okay,, what happened?’ she asked shakily getting to her feet with a little help from the Doctor.

‘I don’t know- this console’s been burnt out, so I can’t take any readings that may point to the answers. Come on, we’ll see if the secondary console was burnt out.’ and with that he disappeared into the TARDIS, Mel close at heel.

The door creaked open,and a flurry of dust cascaded onto the Doctor, who started to cough.

‘Blimey,when were you in here last?’ Mel asked, flicking a cobweb from her shoulder.

‘Mmm,hard to answer that, time being such a funny thing...fourth body at a guess…’ the Doctor said, surveying the wooden furnished console room with a hint of affection. He moved over to the console, and lowered one of the wooden flaps that concealed the controls:

*TARDIS immobilised*
*Large beam of energy prime cause of drive failure* *Source of energy- Arillios*
*Planet of current visit - Arillios*
*Main drive- Total burn-out/Inoperable*
*Power supply = 36.5% and dropping* *End of analysis*

The Doctor turned off the scanner ‘Arillios...I know that name...Arillios, Arillios…’ he muttered to himself over and over, trying to provide ignition to the flame of memory.

‘Arillios…’ said Mel out loud, whilst reading from a large leather bound book she had found on a high-backed chair seat. ‘want to read it, Doctor?’

‘You clever girl,’ he said, and sat down and read the first two lines, before shutting the book with a loud bang and the triumphant cry of ‘Of course!’ He placed the book on the chair, and flicked a few more switches on the panel. The screen hummed into life.

*Arillios - Planet that was home of the Cadinollium, feared warriors*
*Wiped out by self-genocide in year 3428*
*New race ( Arillions ) born to create new world in year 3438*
*Current year on planet 3528* *End of Report*

The Doctor studied this information and turned to Mel. ‘The Centenary of the death of the Cadinollium. The power source that knocked out the TARDIS is on the planet.’

‘Are they experimenting with weapons of some kind, Doctor? A second generation Cadinollium?’ Mel suggested.

‘Highly unlikely. Although they hold their ancestors in great esteem for their "brave" act of mass suicide, they pledged to become a peace-loving race. A weapon is the last thing they’d think of. No, there has got to be a relatively simple explanation...although they’re going to get some harsh words, they obviously didn’t think of other travellers when they set up whatever they’ve set up!’

Pushing the battered straw hat onto his head, and throwing the Kang scarf he was presented with around his shoulders, he marched out of the TARDIS, followed by a very wary Mel.


The people of Arillios had been amazed at the lazer projection, but were now even more amazed by the large, strange mound that had appeared in one of the building complexes, and the incredible blue box that had plummeted from the skies. It was only when the leaders of the people had told them that this wasn’t part of the act that they backed off from both oddities, and had run to the furthest, safest building.

Two teams of protective suit-clad scientists were examining both phenomena, carefully taking time to probe every inch of the new hill and the blue box. They had just started to examine the TARDIS doors when they opened inwards, and scientists tumbled in as the Doctor and Mel walked out. The Doctor politely raised his hat as the two figures tumbled past him, and then he stepped out into the warm Arillion day.

‘No external damage old girl.’ he whispered to the TARDIS as he walked around the entire Police Box, and he patted it affectionately. It was only when Mel gave a shrill scream did he look up to find he was looking at a man with a spanner wielded menacingly in his hand. He raised his hat again and smiled.

‘Good afternoon. Or is it morning here? Never mind, I think hello will suffice, don't you?'

‘Shut it!’ the figure said, holding the spanner under the Doctor’s chin, and gestured to the man that held Mel in a similarly threatening manner. They turned and with their two prisoners, walked across a tarmac scarred garden to a large mirrored building.